Lennox prides themselves on being the innovators in the HVAC manufacturing world. They proved they are with the SL18XC1 with it being not only the most efficient single speed AC, but also the quietest money can buy. These two categories are typically the two most important to homeowners (after cost), so it’s no wonder as soon as this unit hit the market, they were flying off our shelves.


The SL18XC1 is a new AC unit on the market and we’ve already installed dozens upon dozens of them. We’ve put them through our test and have to say we are super impressed. Over the years we’ve installed thousands of Lennox air conditioners so really expected nothing less – especially from a Dave Lennox Signature Series model. By far the low noise level is most impressive to us as it’s somewhat unusual for a single speed unit to be this quiet.Everything else about the design, cabinet, components, etc., is comparable or even identical to Lennox’s most premium models only with a 1-speed compressor. For all of those reasons we give the SL18XC1 two thumbs up.

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