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At Modern Heating we care about your air quality and you should too!

In a recent Health Canada study, they found that Canadians spend 90% of their days indoors. Between recreational, home and work Canadians are spending more time than ever. This is why we use the best equipment & systems to insure our customers have the purest air possible

Air Purification

We offer several different options to help in the improvement of your indoor air quality

Filtering air in your home is very important not only for your health but also for your equipment and we have several different options available

Air Filtration

Heat Recovery

An HRV helps keep your indoor air fresh. Ideal for homes in cooler regions, it takes heat from inside your home and replaces it with incoming fresh air from outside.

Humidity is important in a home, low humidity can cause your home to be uncomfortable, it can make you feel dry and itchy. High humidity levels can cause bacteria, mold and mildew growth in areas.


With powerful ultraviolet technology, we can setup a barrier to kill germs and bacteria that linger in a home and improve your indoor air quality.

UV Systems

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